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Welcome, 2009! Yet another year I never thought I'd see, or at least never thought I'd see like this. Pretty used to that by now, though, so it's mostly an afterthought that comes when I'm not quite sure what to do with a new year. An unwritten future doesn't make me different from anyone else; it's just a little off to realize sometimes. No fate but what we make.

Last night we spent the evening with our friends Chris and Molly—they made a fantastic dinner and dessert, and conversation flowed so freely that we didn't even get around to opening the sparkling wine and toasting the new year. We've only been friends a short while (Molly and I have known each other longer), and barlow_girl and I look forward to deepening our friendships with them. It was a great way to ring in the new year.

Tonight we're off to the Eastside for a postponed dinner with the Dodrills (Snowpocalypse nixed our previous date). Since we're have a communitygroup game night tomorrow and are off to San Francisco for Macworld next week, the calendar feels a bit full already this year, though not in a terrible way.

Nothing I'm terribly resolute about for 2009. Hope to read more and in a more disciplined fashion, with Scripture and a long voyage through the Great Books of the Western World comprising the "big rocks." I'd like to do many things better this year, but that will probably look a lot more like baby steps than anything grand. We shall see.
Tags: books, community group, discipline, friends, paradox, scripture, travel

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