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Dawn patrol

Came in to the office early this morning—no burning agenda, just getting a jump on the day. Because of lame file synching, there were a few Monday things that I couldn't knock out yesterday, so it was nice to get settled in. Coming early also gave me the chance to bump into our property manager and talk through some ongoing (read: for years) repairs.

Had our friends Chris & Molly over for dinner last night. It's amazing how much we find in common when we go even a little beneath the surface. We're looking forward to deepening our friendship with them and thankful they're part of our communitygroup.

Been reading from The Book of Common Prayer Advent readings this year. Good to get some grounding, as my discipline with Scripture has frankly sucked in the latter part of 2008. Discipline for it's own sake has limited value, but discipline to be near to a God who loves me, who promises me hope and a future? That's worth going after, and its value is only increased by the knowledge of how firmly He has me in His grip.
Tags: community group, discipline, friends, hope, scripture, work

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