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Elementary, my dear Watson

Haven't updated much this week; it's been a busy work week and I've wrestled with a "I don't want to be with anyone or do anything but lay on my couch and watch television" mood for much of it. I'm in good spirits this morning, having already been in to the office to set up for the Intro to Grace seminar.

Also trying to catch up with e-mail to friends that I've neglected and allowed to stack up (virtually) in my inbox. There are too many other ways to damage relationships for me to allow them to come to harm by neglect. At least, that's my heart-- sometimes my actions say otherwise.

And on that topic, happy belated birthday (yesterday), daisybud! I hope you had a great one.

The couple at the next table (married, hopefully to each other) are making googly eyes at each other, giggling and rubbing/kissing each others' hands across the table. Every once in a while she feeds him part of a croissant. If I boot on them (which is what I feel like doing), it won't be nearly as romantic.

allysonkalea recently asked me what I planned to read next, and I completely forgot that the Millers gave me Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay as a gift for helping in their wedding. I hadn't heard of it, possibly because I'm a literary idiot, but it may be my next lighter reading. When I brought it home from the office today, I found that they had also inserted a foil Spock trading card between the pages. Sweet, thoughtful Millers.

George Harrison. Damn.

So will my internet get shut off in the great Excite @Home tug of war? I'm an addict and I need my broadband fix.

An old man just walked in wearing a deerstalker. I love Victrola and Capitol Hill.


Do I get a vote in this? No? Well, I'll pry anyhow:

The Four Loves! It's short, but like a lot of Lewis, it's packed to the margins with nuggets of brilliant insight. The chapter on friendship is not to be missed. I reread it often.
Do you get a vote? Of course you get a vote! We can even have recounts if you want...

This is one of the Lewis volumes that has hung out languidly and unread on my shelf. I've had such a time making it through The Problem of Pain that I'm a little gunshy, but only a little. I love the nuggets, and they take me a while to digest. Your recommendation makes it sound appealing. First I've got to finish, though...
No recounts please. Bad flashbacks of last December.

Sometimes, when I'm reading something very interesting, I can't get very far because I find myself putting the book down and thinking about what I've just read, my experiences, and how I can apply the knowledge or would like to express this to others. It can be very slow going. My Lewis collection has notes penciled in all over the margins. Sometimes, I can't read for all of the argument constructing and destructing I'm doing.
That's my experience to a "t" (not a bad pun, eh?). I should take margin notes, however...I know that's the smart way to go, I just don't do it. And I haven't used a pencil in many years, so it would introduce some needed equity among writing implements.
I'm feeling less and less unique by the moment...

Buy a pencil. You can't deface a book with pen - that'd be Evil. Unless you're actually taking notes in a notebook or on the computer while you read, and you have little tabs and post-it flags and footnotes all through. Then I'm packing up my things and going home, because you really have won the geek contest.
My roommate asked me today, "What's broadband?"
Addicts like me have a language all our own.