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To do or not to do?

Whatever the reason, this week somehow felt more hectic than a couple of weeks ago, when I was running nearly nonstop to get things done for our church's 10th Anniversary party. All a matter of perception, I suppose, and my perception is that it's been a hard week for me to keep up. Mostly low key today, so the battery is recharging a bit.

Saw that a friend used his Facebook status to observe that he "is realizing how self obsessed facebook has made him." We aren't close enough for me to suggest the possibility that it's just the messenger, not the cause—social networks (or blogs, or anything else) can't make one self-obsessed, though they can certainly facilitate and expose this quality. If you're going to own it, own it.

Which is longer: my to-do list, or my list of crap I should just stop doing? Might be a toss up…


Ha! Don't know why, but I loved this entry. I guess because we could both say to each other: "welcome to my world".
I've been at this 30 years and it hasn't slowed down yet.
And sometimes it feels busier when it's "slowed down"! I'm glad to be in such a grace-filled work environment; ministry could be absolutely crushing otherwise.