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Dead horse

There, I said it (nineteen in a series)

As a general rule: whatever you think is really funny or cute? I'm probably over it.

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Even this?

Re: Even this?

Only if someone named Matt is dancing somewhere in the background. Because that's awesome, right?

Re: Even this?

don't get me started on that.
Oh, please. Jeney and I talk about this all the time. Your kid is only funny to you. If it's funny to me, he probably got hurt. :D
This made me lol irl.
Of course, mine and Jeney's kids? HysTERical. :D
Gee whillikers, this scares me because I think a lot of things are really funny and cute...except when people send me emails that are supposedly written by their baby. "Isabella is excited to have a new baby brother!" "I love the onesie you gave me! Love, Braden." So let me know when I'm being a douchebag with what I think is funny, then I won't be scared.
If anyone's a douchebag, it's me. I'm just owning it (as if that somehow makes it better).
its awful to feel that way isnt it?
Indeed. One of my best preemptive measures to combat this on LJ was to turn off images and videos (it's buried somewhere in the preferences on here). That way, I can always see what I want to see with just a click, but I'm not periodically assaulted with a barrage of "You have to see this!"

Too bad my attitude isn't limited too (or even primarily based in) LiveJournal. So I nod, smile, and hold my tongue a lot—except when I don't, which is usually a mistake.
You know what I just found the other day? People taking funny pictures of cats, and adding intentionally-misspelled captions to them! Now THAT'S comedy!