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A gem from the 10/22 installment of Seattle Weekly's pitch-perfect column, "Ask an Uptight Seattleite":
Dear Uptight Seattleite,

For a while now I've had a Flickr stream going under the tag "reflections." My pictures have been going in a different direction lately, though, and I'm thinking about adding another tag to capture this. What do you think of the tag "expressions," and would it be artistically dishonest to apply both these tags to the same photo?


Dear MC dEAd EyE,

I'm a big proponent of "downtime," "now time," "me time." And it's true that one should cultivate a compassionate attitude toward oneself. In your case, however, I'm getting the vibe that a little less "you time" might be just the ticket. Jigger the cocktail recipe of your schedule. Flip the proportions of the time you spend on yourself and the time you spend on others. Work on your active listening. Take a little vacation from those tags, dEAd EyE.
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