Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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I am inordinately excited about Gmail's new canned response feature. Could be a significant enhancement to my workflow (which invites all sorts of questions about my workflow).

The wireless connection here at Fuel is all kinds of slow. Been puttering with wireless stuff at home and work this week, so probably even more critical than usual.

Online social networks can be pretty eye-opening. Similar to my experiences with LiveJournal, it's challenging to know how to contextualize, interpret, and integrate what's revealed (intentionally and not) about people by their online behavior. Simply ignoring the new data isn't an option, and it wouldn't make much sense anyway—we don't push ourselves to ignore new facets when they're revealed elsewhere, and making the internet some kind of bubble of immunity would only exacerbate what I already see as a pretty significant problem of unaccountability. Neither should those new facets be accepted as "truth" in and of themselves; they need that context, interpretation, and integration.

What's most interesting, and a bit troubling, to me is the skew of my reactions. Occasionally the new information intrigues me, makes me feel more connected, or increases my esteem for someone else. More often, however, I find myself more concerned, frustrated, or outright scared by who people are (or might be). Maybe we're not built for this high of a dosage of one another and all of our crap. Maybe I'm not. It could also be the numbers I'm working with (remember limits?), and I'm sure filter failure (as described in this great video of Clay Shirky from the Web 2.0 Expo in New York) plays a role. Whatever the case, it's worth some more thought, prayer, and discernment.
Tags: internet, observations, relationships, struggle, work

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