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Thwarted again

So I was going to start dinner, except I don't understand the new (to me) can opener. Apparently we've had it for six months, and it opens cans sideways.
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I'm pretty sure that's wrong. I'm not sure what'd be right though. Can't help you, brother.
Wrong is a good word to describe it. I've clearly been made obsolete in the kitchen (the fact that it took me six months to notice is a good indicator of why).
I ♥ you.
This is my favorite post from today.
I know what can opener you have. Is it the kind that leaves no sharp edges when the lid is removed?

I can't use those.
Yes! from Pampered Chef!

I don't thwart him on purpose.
You see how it goes. Sometimes thwarting me is the only way to get things done.
Yes, that sounds like one of those kid safe can openers.. never could figure those things out either.
Glad it's not just me!
This reminds me of your plea for help while folding fitted sheets. :-)
My domestic helplessness (and haplessness) seems to be a universal constant.