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Vote early, vote often

My ballot arrived today, which means it's now possible for me to cast my vote (on everything—the presidential race is unlikely to be either as affected by or as affecting to me as the other races and issues; we just seem to be having a nationwide, media-fueled cultural seizure over it) and consider my civic duty done. This seems much easier than engaging being consumed by the public dialogue righteously indignant monologues of the next few weeks.

If I vote now, can I get a "mute" button for all the political noise? Done is done, after all. Maybe we can go to another country for sequester until it's over—perhaps one of those countries people promise to move to if things don't go their way (since, annoyingly enough, other people get to vote, and their votes are actually allowed to count, even if they don't line up with mine!). If that doesn't work, I hear there's a sale on Iceland…

Then again, I'm pretty much deaf to the noise at this point, so I may hold out for another scandal or two further nitpickery more information. Unless that sequester option is a real possibility—then I'm so there.
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