Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
Maximillian Amadeus Banzai

Midweek satisfaction

Really long day at the office yesterday, which isn't a complaint. Being more on top of things is very freeing, and I stayed until evening for a meeting about budgeting process for 2009. My hope is to be more involved on the front end of the process, using data and experience to really nail the parts of the budget that aren't guesswork and make solid projections on the rest (except personnel stuff, which of course is and should be far from my court). It's kind of a subtle change, but in my mind it's a significant one—not what I'm providing, but how we're using it, really using what we do and can know rather than just hurriedly plugging in numbers to make a deadline. Even if the distinction only exists in my head, it's so great to have the support and latitude to pursue it.

Just saw an ad for a "body fat manager" (which used to be known as a "scale"). We really need to get over ourselves.

barlow_girl and I are excited in gearing up for our new Community Group (starting next week). May repurpose the communitygroup community for it, since that group wrapped up and at least three of us will be part of this one. Though that implementation never really took off last time, it's free, so no harm done. So far, our CG is shaping up to be a really cool mix of people—mostly women, which is a bit different from last group. Looking forward to deepening our friendships together.
Tags: community group, culture, observations, work

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