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An appropriate lunchtime guest

Rough start today—miscommunications and general Monday edginess devoured most of my morning, and when I could get back on task, my concentration was foggy enough to multiply how long even simple things took.

The way things were going, the sight of the man in the hat at lunch did not surprise me (it's happened before):
My lunch buddy
Go away, Dan Savage. Go away.

(Note to self: make other lunch plans for tomorrow.)


It's really bizarre.
No doubt. Chances are I'm creeping him out.
A "go away Dan Savage, go away" post. All is right in my world again.
And it was so easy!


I wonder if there is a reason you keep seeing him around town.

Re: Hmmmm

He has an office near mine, but I like to make a big deal of it anyway (because it's still a little weird).
I just find these so freakin' hysterical. I laugh out loud EVERY time I see one.
My work here is done!
Might I cautiously suggest that perhaps God is putting him in your path for a reason....?

Seattle is a big town. Figure the odds.


What do you have against Dan Savage?

nothing, as far as I know.
Ah, don't sweat the anonymous comment(s)—anyone who can't A) take a joke, or 2) be un-anonymous is probably going to run into frustrations in places other than my journal…
True dat! ;-)

You may or may not have seen a comment that I crafted in response to Mr. Anonymous before I realized he was anonymous, and not actually *you* - so I deleted it, because it wouldn't have made much sense - in any case, sorry about the confusion.

No worries. It actually occurred to me this time 'round that I may get some drive-by comments, and I decided I don't really mind, as long as they can play well with others.

People who really know me (or you, or anyone) can talk with me, and people who don't know me…don't know me (which is 100% OK—that's no crime, either).
Two words: restraining order.
I wonder if he thinks I'm stalking him?
Does Dan Savage has a radio show? Or am I thinking of someone else? Savage Nation or something like that. Really conservative?
That's another guy—Dan Savage is the editor of a local free newsweekly and a nationally syndicated sex columnist.

(Oh, and I don't really have anything against him; I'm just amusing myself. Others mileage may vary—that's why this isn't their journal).
Oh right, I am thinking of Michael Savage.

This is completely funny by the way. Your run in's with Dan Savage that is.
and you call MY people paranoid.
You know Booter has a blog full of these entries about me.

(And I know, too.)