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Weird is an understatement

We're in Iowa for the weekend to attend my twentieth (!) high school class reunion. Our travel has involved planes, trains, and automobiles, in part as a way to keep costs down (questionable) and in part as a holdover of my original desire to make it a train trip vacation (way too expensive). The end result has us taking the train from and to Chicago, which spends a good chunk of time travelling, but it's kind of fun regardless.

We're staying at my folks' house while they're away in Maine—weird is an understatement for the experience. It's wonderful of them to let us use the place; just strange to be here without them. Yesterday we swung by my old high school. I liked being able to give barlow_girl the tour, though the way I'm tied to places threatened to be overwhelming sometimes. Shelly, who's been the secretary there since back in my day, recognized me and said she'd just been talking about me with someone. Strange—twenty years is a long time.

Today we get to see my sister heartflyte and family in Pella. I suggested that as a good midway point so she and the brood wouldn't have to bear the brunt of all the travel to and from Des Moines, but it also turns out that this week is Central College's homecoming, so I may get to see a few of my former students, colleagues, and friends. We'll head back this afternoon, and tonight is the high school reunion proper.
Tags: family, nostalgia, paradox, travel

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