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Budgeting time

New tips for my earbuds arrived yesterday. Makes time at Irwin's so much easier.

Time is not on my side these days. Most rational to approach it like money: the only answers to not having enough are to make more or to change where I'm spending it. A few timesucks I need to trim or cut entirely, and that's tough more because of habit than anything else. Some RSS feeds are biting the dust today—that's easy.

Looking forward to dinner tonight at velouria73's—excited to have Michele back in town, and it's good to spend time with a small group in someone's home rather than shouting in a bar or mingling at a party. A little of each is refreshing, of course, but nights like tonight are my favorites.

Just saw Rich and Anna (and Sam, their cat) here—it's nice having a neighborhood spot and chance meetings (rather than just scheduled ones).
Tags: discipline, friends, life, music, struggle, technology

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