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Calendar of doom

Ah, the calendar. Teeter, totter, teeter, totter. Personally, we have three options for Friday night, and Saturday would be the same if we hadn't committed to one (dinner party at velouria73's—yes!) and declined the rest. Next week we travel to Iowa for my high school class reunion, and when we come back, we'll be in final preparation for the church retreat. The church's events calendar is a whole other level of overload, plus barlow_girl are also preparing to get a new Community Group off the ground soon. It's a little crazymaking.

Speaking of church activities, I wonder why Acts and none of the New Testament epistles included copies of the early church's calendar? Of course, I pose the question with tongue firmly in cheek—these days, we seem pretty events-driven (or at least events-laden). While I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, it's very culturally bound. We have great reasons for doing what we do and even for how and when we do them; it's just healthy to remind ourselves that many of them are simply choices of how to be faithful within our culture, rather than "musts." I'm probably oversensitive to it because of my work, but I think the events mindset has a way of creeping in and threatening takeover.

Just saw jadeejf here at Irwin's. Glad I stopped in!


I'll never forget having a conversation with a stay-at-home mother of two who said, "I eat lunch standing up because I'm too busy to sit".

Really. Really?

Seriously. The walls only need so much scrubbing, lady.
I'm glad you stopped in too! Come to find out, my friend had gotten there at oh, 7:45, and given up on me (five minutes??), but hey, it was a good excuse to catch up with you! :D
Likewise! If your friend had stuck around, I might have missed you entirely!

Iowa trip

Not to add another "event" to your schedule, but it is an event for us whenever Uncle Lee & Aunt Amy are within 150 miles!!! So- any chance we might get to see you guys sometime that weekend? We can come down to E-ville or Ott-wa. Call me!

Re: Iowa trip

Heck yes! I'll call you this weekend so we can make it happen—I'm glad it can work for y'all! I remember mentioning it, but had no idea what your schedule might be.