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Watching people wrestle with the Sunday paper is an amusing thing. They shuffle and reshuffle, discarding the unwanted pieces and putting the rest in their own personal order. As for me, I only read the free newsweeklies. That's because they're free and they're weekly. I get daily news from the net. In college I had a newspaper subscription once, which only resulted in a mound of paper in the corner that I felt guilty for paying for and not keeping up with. I'll pass.

Made my Christmas travel arrangements yesterday. Back to Iowa from Sunday the 23rd through Wednesday the 26th for under $400-- not bad for holiday travel with no Saturday stay. I failed to go home last year because of work duties (a result of the Year of Hell) and missed my last chance to see my last grandfather alive. I'm not about to miss my nephew's first Christmas.

Nearby, a man is talking loudly about his gay relationships and hook-ups. I think I need to invest in headphones.

My non-social mood hasn't passed. I'm wanting to go home and curl up rather than go to church. Maybe I'll do that. Truth (or some version of it) is that I just don't want to deal with anyone asking anything of me. Hate to be beastly, but I'm back on duty with Service Coordination next week Sunday. It's a rationalization, and a poor one at that. And it'll probably do.
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