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A modest proposal

Since much of the public's political dial seems pegged at 11, my perspective as a single-issue (opposition to the legality of abortion) voter is regularly being challenged. For the most part, I don't talk with others about it at all, because the conversations are largely unhelpful to any party, and if we're going to add something to one another's lives, I'd rather it be something more valuable and less inflammatory. But even when not directly connected with me, the choice I'm making as a voter is routinely demeaned and dismissed as overly naive and/or irresponsible.

One device currently gaining a lot of traction for framing derision of single-issue voting is the war in Iraq and the lives lost therein. Honestly, I have my reservations about how comparable the two are, but in an effort to find common ground with my fellow Americans, I'm willing to let go of my cause if we can simply agree on a way to be sure that we're giving the same consideration to innocent lives in both settings. My modest proposal:

All fetuses will be given armament and training comparable to that of the U.S. Armed Forces,
with which to defend themselves from attempts on their lives.

With the adoption of this small measure toward equity, I will gladly forsake the foolishness of my single-issue approach to voting in favor of a more nuanced global perspective, which I'm assured is more intellectually respectable than my current simplistic view.
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