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Back to business

I've decided I'd like to be known as "Deacon Blues."

Moved ManTime to Jared's for the fall, which means 1) a tiny bit more Wednesday morning travel, and 2) a little time at Fuel if I get moving early enough. Maybe that will help me write more regularly, as I'm even more distractible at home as elsewhere. Well, I'm equally distractible at the office, too, but I'm paid to be distracted there—at home, I'm just flaky.

barlow_girl and I are both a little sad to be back from our time on Whidbey Island. We stayed at the Woodland Retreat Bed and Breakfast, which was a lovely setting hosted by a wonderful couple, UK expats Peter & Jacquie. We had a good time tooling about the island, with our regular dilemma of not quite knowing what to do with ourselves when we had so much free time and no agenda. Getting plugged back in midweek is always a bit jarring, regardless of how much work and preparation we've done in advance.

Mulling a bunch of stuff on relationship, community, and family, spurred in part from our long weekend time and talks. It'll be helpful and good to tether some of it to specifics—I get lost in the abstract after too long and need to be grounded before I float away. Hopefully I'll make more time to write and sort it out a bit.
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