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Whidbey wedding

barlow_girl and I are spending a couple more days on Whidbey Island after a wedding yesterday afternoon. Good to spend some time unwinding together outside our home and in such a naturally beautiful area.

The wedding was fun, with an unexpected-by-most change from outdoors to in at the eleventh hour. The home at which it was hosted was huge, overlooking the beach with an elevator in the main house and many other houses on the property. People pitched in and handled all the changes with grace, which was impressive when I take a step back (since my tendency is to see this stuff coming, it's easy for me to miss how great it is that people made it happen when they didn't expect it). Had a nice chat with the groom while barlow_girl whisked the bride away to do whatever she wanted to do for a few moments, which is a rare gift to give on a wedding day (See why I love her? And that's just one of the reasons!).

Sunday weddings with church friends can make for a long day when I've also worked at the church in the morning and had no downtime in between, so I was pretty wiped out by the whole combination. Now that I've rested a bit, I'm very glad we came and know what might make for better pacing should the situation arise again. Oh, and I need to have my pants hemmed. And better clothes altogether—their current state just makes this stuff all the more taxing.
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