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Room for a deep breath or two

After our most recent bout of busyness, this week's been fairly low key on the whole. There's a bit more internal "level-tweaking" I'm considering (my tendency to be an information glutton can stress me out), but we aren't currently overwhelmed (though we would be if we said "yes" to every possibility), and that's nice. barlow_girl and I are planning to spend a couple of days on Whidbey Island after a wedding there Sunday. Should be really refreshing and fun—I really like the idea of a retreat that's close to home and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Well, maybe an arm.


I loved Whidbey

We went there for a few weekends when we lived in Puyallup. Someone in my husband's office had parents there. When the parents took a vacation, the house was open. It was a lovely house on the beach, and back into the trees. Being on that island was quite restful and just plain fun. I wish we could go back, but it's a full day's flight, and several day's drive.

Hope you enjoy it!

Question (off topic) what do you know of the "emergent" church and the spiritual disciplines?

Re: I loved Whidbey

Just observations and opinions—both terms tend to mean whatever whomever is using them wants them to mean, so over time, I pay less and less attention to the generalities and only tune in to specifics that interest me.

Re: I loved Whidbey

Any specifics that do interest you in these two topics? What is hard for me about emergent is that it is sort of a spectrum. Since it's not coming from a central source but is spread all over it does seem to be somewhat fluid. However, there seems to be a pattern of themes.

Re: I loved Whidbey

Neither area has been especially compelling to me recently—much of the emergent stuff I've encountered has been about different ways to "do church" (including not "doing church," which is really just another way), and regrettably, much of that is about retooling experiences in order to match culturally bound preferences (often while critiquing others' culturally bound preferences). Much of it seems to me a rabbit trail at best and a way of not forgiving the church's failings at worst. I'm not really interested in giving either enterprise much of my time.

Spiritual disciplines are more interesting, but there's lots of crap out there, too (because it's popular and sells books). Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Henri Nouwen, and Eugene Peterson would be some of the contemporary authors I'd give the most attention and leeway, but as above, mileage varies.

interesting icon by the way

Beating the dead horse seems a funny icon. I would say those topics aren't actually dead though. However, don't know how much you've had to argue on those points...

Re: interesting icon by the way

Most discussions I've had on either are rabbit-trailish and beside the main point of the Gospel—not wrong per se, but like getting a Ferrari and fixing your attention on the windshield wipers (they have a function, but it's pretty small when compared with the engine).
Arms are expendable.

They'd better be!