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Tuning in and tuning out

barlow_girl is in Atlanta for work until Tuesday, so I'm going solo in surviving the Seattle heat (which barely compares to the heat almost anywhere else, but our near-universal lack of air conditioning exacerbates the situation somewhat).

Somewhere within the last week I've misplaced my iPhone headphones. That sucks. [Found them @ 2000 in a pocket I'd previously checked. Whew.] People talk so much, and it's hard to tune them out short of becoming a recluse.

We've had so much social stuff lately that the recluse option looks tempting. Though all of it's been enjoyable, I'm also realizing that socializing takes more out of me the more distant the other people are from my daily life. Since nine 11 (I originally forgot to include the two Sundays, but they totally count) of the last 17 days have involved this kind of thing, I'm beat. Apparently I can't go much past 50%, which regrettably meant declining some stuff this weekend.

Had a couple of great conversations recently about intentional residential community (sidebar: sometimes this gets mislabelled "intentional community," but I think that's a lazy load of crap—communities don't need to be residential to be intentional). Because of my previous career, I have a pretty good sense of the advantages, disadvantages, and realities of this kind of life, but there's still a lot to explore when the contexts and reasons are different. Even better than the ideas themselves is the kind of engagement these conversations afford, regardless of what course of action one chooses. Even when my relational tank is close to empty, it's good stuff.

OK, I need to go home before it gets hotter and too many more people wake up to come here for coffee. And talk. So much.


i always want to scoff when people from northern states talk about the heat, and then i remember the times i've been in places that were 85 degrees and humid with no air conditioning and i am thankful that i have cool apartment to escape to.
Yeah, it's still not that bad (though I'm glad we live in a basement apartment). The years since growing up in the Midwest and doing my undergrad in Houston have dulled my memory and thinned my blood.