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Upon seeing a doorway on the top floor of a parking garage labelled "Elevator," I realized that the top floor is the one place where it can't properly be called an elevator at all.


Hahahah! So true :)
See? No one really thinks about this stuff.
I respectfully disagree. The top floor is where one is most elevated from the ground.
...although, if I were a superhero, Descendor would be a cool name.

"I am Descendor! I smash you in the ground like a pancake!"
Ooh, that would rule.
And can an "elevator" elevate from its position on the top floor?

But the job of an elevator covers past, present and future tenses.

If a tailor altered your suit yesterday he is still a tailor today even though he will no longer alter your suit.

Even so, surely there are other levels of failure higher than this.

A pox on you for even posing the question. My porch is only half-painted and I must get to the other half sometime today.