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Pretense vs. glory

Our time in Portland visiting barlow_girl's cousins has been sweet. Since we're only here for a couple of days, we purposely didn't come with a "see and do" agenda—for me, it's too easy for that to be a distraction from actually spending time enjoying the people we came to see. So we've been pretty relaxed. Yesterday we took a road trip (more of an expedition in some respects—travel with a three-kid family is a considerable endeavor!) to Multnomah Falls and finished out the day with dinner, some porch time with the eldest daughter Tatiana, and a late-night game of Ticket to Ride. This morning we're headed to explore the local farmers' market, then we'll take the train back to Seattle in the afternoon.

Some great talks also about the church, the gospel, community, friendships, and what it looks like to follow and trust God in these things over culture (Christian and non). One of the things I'm finding most refreshing and enjoyable about the Prestons is their lack of pretense. I don't think I realized how much my own life, relationships, and context are sometimes fairly dripping with the stuff and how nastily corrosive it can be on so many levels. It kind of turns my stomach when I think about it too long, so I want to be more active in rooting and keeping it out. Grace doesn't just apply to the cool kids—it also applies to the everyday people we might be afraid of being (or afraid we already are). Being with people who can let go of that pretense is glorious in the full sense of the word.
Tags: culture, family, grace, relationships, the church, the gospel, travel

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