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Less noise, more reality

So out of the groove of writing that it takes a train trip to Portland for me to put any thoughts together. No sense trying to catch up—too much minutiae with little to no effect on the bigger picture of life. If that sounds sad, it really isn't; life is just like that much of the time, and that doesn't mean it's lacking in goodness or meaning.

Or does it? Not that I have regrets, but so much of daily life is diversion rather than engagement. I don't know what the answer is, and even trying to wrap my head around it quickly leads me to critiques of others rather than solutions for myself. Most of that is just clutter, junk, and noise—even if I'm right, it's yet another distraction, one with the additional costs of growing alienation and bitterness. Need to nip that in the bud before it becomes a (larger) beast.

No matter how willfully absent anyone else may be, I've been entrusted with me, and there's plenty of work to do right there. So that may mean tuning out more distractions—the stuff I've been loading in and the stuff others may be offloading my way (probably more out of habit or fear than any sort of malice). That internal and external stuff could be anything: entertainment, issues, politics, social networks, plans, systems, values, whatever. Even the best things can be used as diversions. I do it, and so does almost everyone I know.

But there are real people behind all the talk, and there's a real me in here, too. Moreover, there's a real God who's calling us all to freedom and faithfulness, and His Spirit empowers us to pursue both. The very same events, the very same life is so much different when I show up in it.
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