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There's a cookout at the finish line

Our dear and wacky landlords have finally departed for Panama indefinitely (probably a year or more). At lease, we hope so—we saw them around yesterday and while they seemed to still be on track (though their presence surprised us), they're level of flakiness is unchartably high, so nothing would surprise us. Still, when in doubt, declare victory.

Yesterday we hosted a cookout for barlow_girl's birthday (as well as the aforementioned departure), and it was a gorgeous day for it. Lots of friends dropped by and we really enjoyed the time. While I'm hardly a social butterfly, it was fun to host and catch up with people I often don't have much undivided time to speak with. With some of the friendship burn we've experienced, it's good to know people like us. That may be silly and insecure, but it's true nonetheless.

It's nice out, but it's only 8:45, so who knows how warm the day will get. I'll enjoy it while I can.
Tags: friends, home, relationships

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