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Shaking up Monday

In the interest of shaking up my routine, hoping to try a couple of new coffee shops this week. This morning's stop is the new Stumptown Coffee on 12th. The name rang a bell from jasonmonster and scillymonster's past mentions. The coffee's good (I'm no connoisseur, so coffee is usually just classified as "good" and "not good" in my world—it's simpler), but the layout isn't very friendly to my kind of coffee time—it seems to be set up more for conversation than for laptop work. An understandable choice, just one that's less desirable for me. Just moved back to the coffee bar to get my laptop off my lap (yes, I'm being difficult). The windows here look straight into Seattle University's Xavier Hall, which is weird on a few levels.

Trying to focus up for the day/week ahead. Think I can potentially knock out a lot of work today, but not much will break if I don't (it'd just be nice to have the list whittled down). It's a crapshoot determining my priorities without the pressure of urgency—sometimes it's the absolute best, other times I don't get started because I have trouble deciding where to begin.

Scripture reading affected me this morning, which is very welcome. Hopefully I'll have/make time to write on it soon.
Tags: nostalgia, scripture, seattle, work

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