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Embracing the new day

This Saturday is a little less full than last—in the morning, I have a diaconate meeting and barlow_girl has a book club meeting (which means you can hound her for an update to her book list, since she just finished another), then a couple of afternoon and evening possibilities (a friend's bon voyage party and another friend's gallery opening). Somewhere in there I need to squeeze in some laundry, lest I face future events pantless. The (hopefully final) turn to summer weather seems to have spirits up here, and that's always welcome.

Speaking of reading (well, I did speak of it, even if it's a few sentences back), I've been a huge slacker in Bible reading and prayer lately. Don't know what my deal is—of course, sometimes things just slide, but I know there've been plenty of times when it's occurred to me and I willfully push the thought aside. There's plenty of rebel in me still. At ManTime last week, Ian shared a helpful thought (which I won't adequately capture) about grounding oneself in God's love—that He sees a Christian as Christ has made him and loves him with that love, rather than seeing him on the basis of his behavior. No doubt one can go overboard with this perspective, but it's worth considering if I really believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus means what I say it means.
Tags: discipline, friends, grace, life, struggle, the gospel
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