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MacBook Pro is fixed—the fine folks at the Apple Store took less than a day! Cost just under $500, which bites, but this kind of thing costs what it costs, and when it's a useful, heavily used, and not-too-outdated machine, anything that doesn't result in data loss or needing to buy a replacement is a win.

Getting toward the end of the countdown clock for our landlords' departure to Panama—almost down to a week! Regrettably, the scattershot work and regular interruptions continue, but the relationships have been a bit more smooth since we let go of the rope rather than struggling in a perpetual (and unwinnable) tug of war with them. Again, we'll take the wins where we can get them; there'll be plenty of time and freedom to mop up the rest afterward.

Using a new toy (Google Docs Spreadsheet Forms) to collect volunteer data for our quarterly volunteer schedule at church. So far, it's much, much better than our last cobbled-together system (which was better than the one before—hurray for continuous improvement!), so hopefully it'll enable barlow_girl and me to build a better schedule more quickly.

There's also been a noticeable increase in both activity and interest in service opportunities in Seattle (one of my other job functions). Momentum is exciting, especially when it's clearly God's movement rather than any pet program we're pushing. Saturday's offsite presentation was helpful both in clarifying where we're headed and seeing where serving the city fits what God is doing in our church.
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