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Plowing ahead

Annual leadership offsite meeting for our church today. It's a good chance to look back and forward together, and thankfully it's still cool and gray, or else we'd probably have an insurrection on our hands. Have to give two presentations (one on church operations and one on serving the city of Seattle) as part of my omnibus job (plus being part of our diaconate presentation, but that shouldn't involve any up-front time). That's not a complaint—I love getting to be part of both. It just makes days like these feel a little heavier than they otherwise might.

MacBook Pro continues to be temperamental. A helpful visit to the Genius Bar (at which the machine behaved perfectly, natch) suggested that a full fix may cost around $300, so I'm putting that bad boy off as long as possible. Still cheaper than a new machine, of course.

Down to two weeks until our landlords leave for Panama. There's still work around the house nearly every day, and the backyard looks like a bomb hit it, so we'll be excited to reach that finish line.

We saw our friend Nathan Ryan play a show at Trabant Coffee and Chai last night, followed by Trevor Larkin. Really enjoyed them both, and it's refreshing to go to a show where we could actually hear the music. That's the good life here in the big city.
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