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Marathon man

No joy on seeing The Incredible Hulk last night. When we arrived, an hour and half before showtime, there was already a huge, huge line, and the theater filled before we made it in. Good to note for future opportunities—I could have been there much earlier, but didn't anticipate how much response there would be.

Long work day today, though not especially swamped (ManTime this afternoon should provide a nice break in the day). Often when I have an evening meeting, I come in later to offset it, but the way things have been going at the apartment with our landlords' flurry of pre-departure activity, I decided to just go ahead and come in. It's been quiet, and I've been knocking out projects here and there. Hopefully by month's end we'll be able to use our apartment in daytime and weekend hours free of threat of interruption. You don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Checking out the iPhone 3G—not that I need another iPhone (or gadget), but GPS and a couple of other tweaks are intriguing nonetheless.


Too bad you weren't able to see the Hulk.
I was looking forward to your review.

I was very disappointed that the new iPhone didn't go on sale Monday afternoon. I was looking forward to stopping by The Apple Store after work to pick one up. Now I and everyone else have to wait until July. At least the price has dropped. I'm so glad I waited for a 3G version.
Yeah, it's very tempting. I'm a little daunted by the overall price of ownership increasing (with the hike in AT&T's iPhone data plan for the new phone), but prices always rise, the value is high, and the lower cost for the device itself will get a lot of people in the door. I'm more intrigued by the GPS than by 3G—that adds a whole lot of possibilities.


You're right! I think the addition of GPS is a game changer. I've seen so many stories about location based apps recently. What's going on nearby; what friends are nearby, etc.


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