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"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

About to head out from work to catch a sneak preview of The Incredible Hulk downtown. It'll be a good break, because it's a bit of a crunch week at work—evening meeting tomorrow and all-day leadership offsite on Saturday. Hoping to juggle well enough to take some offsetting time off this week. So far, so good, but it's very early in the ball game to call it.

OK, I just went on the movie site, and the music is a riff on "The Lonely Man" (theme from the late 70s-early 80s TV show). That's cool.


I am not usually a big Hulk fan even though I did watch the show growing up. However, I really am looking forward to seeing the new Hulk movie. In the last year I've become a huge Edward Norton fan, after I saw "American History X". He was great in that flick and somewhat disturbing. In all honesty, I started liking him because of his looks. Then I started watching his acting, and it's very good. The "Illusionist" was fantastic. I have been trying to turn a new leaf when it comes to the lustful eye thing. I have been reading Proverbs a lot lately. It's been eye opening for me. I never realized how bad my mind and mouth had become. Anyway...hope that your day went well and you were able to get some good "peace at home" time. Talk later.
By the time barlow_girl and I got to the screening (an hour and a half before showtime), the line was already huge, so we didn't end up making the cut. We'll have to pick it up later.