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Up early again today. My local houseware/hardware store, City Peoples, starts their going-out-of-business sale this morning at 8:00. It's a sad thing. I'd thought of zooming through, maybe picking up a plant (I have no plants and I think one might be a nice addition), but I can already see the crowd gathering, more than half an hour early. That doesn't look like fun at all.

David's birthday party is tonight; another thing I need to decide on attending. Perhaps I'll feel more social later.

Neglected to phone home for Thanksgiving, which was simply a "duh!" moment. I intended to, but wanted to call with low rates (cheapskate). Since the family is in Iowa and I'm in Seattle, that pretty much leaves the 7 to 8 pm window. And I forgot. I'll try today.

The man at the next table smokes so heavily that he smells like death. I don't mind smoking, but the stale cumulative odor that sticks to the heavy smoker even when he's not smoking is abhorrent. And lonely-- it reeks of desperation and resignation to me.

Need a shave; thinking about going back to the goatee. Is that too Seattle cliched? Do I care?

My iBook needs a new battery, I think. Battery life has gone down the tubes lately. I hope they're cheap, because I am.
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