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Making things work (better)

So fun hanging with the Andrewses last night. Last time we did this (three weeks ago), we all felt a little rushed—we had more BSG episodes to watch, and barlow_girl and I had just gone through a day full of repair work outside of/blocking our door (which was, of course, estimated by our landlord as a "one hour job" but instead drug on through the whole day). It's much better to have more time to catch up and enjoy each others' company. We talked about our families some toward the end of the evening, which made us grateful for the ways we've been blessed by/in them and not as alone in the ways in which they're each a struggle (even when the specific struggles vary widely).

My MacBook Pro is giving me fits—the internal keyboard and trackpad keep locking up and currently aren't responding at all. Quick search of the internet reveals it's not an uncommon problem, though causal theories and solutions are all over the map. Probably just need to knuckle down and take it in this afternoon.

I have the most trouble getting moving on Sunday mornings. I'm up and about at the same time, but my focus is much worse and I'm incredibly slow at getting anything done (I can only imagine how much tougher that is with kids!). If there's a way to do it better, I'd love to learn it.


I find that I am much more tired on Sunday mornings than other days. I believe that it's a test of my faith. I realize that it seems small to some. In our 15 yrs of marriage, every time that we don't go to church, the following week is horrible. Olivia was all diva-like this morning when I woke her up for church. She begged to stay home alone and sleep. When it's only Chuck, he caves so that there is less drama. This morning I told her to go to our bed, lay down, and pray for a resolution so there would be no fighting. She didn't even make it to the bed, she just got in the shower and was pleasant from then on. After the service, she actually stated that it was a good one with a good message. She's only twelve. This is awesome when she listens to God and obeys. Instead of me having to crab at her, she gets it herself. Very cool...Sorry, I got side-tracked.
Good to hear that you had a good visit with your friends. Do you still read purrfectionist's journal? she just had her second baby/son. He had a bit of jaundice and was in the hospital longer than LeAnne. Anywho...glad to hear from you more than once in a month or so. If we are both trying to make journaling a habit, watch out world!
That's so cool with Olivia Sunday morning!

I do still read purrfectionist's journal, when I'm not being an LJ spaz. Has Blake made it home yet? While I know that kind of thing is very normal, it probably doesn't make it the slightest bit easier.

The journaling habit continues, though I wonder where I'll be able to fit it in today (or if I have anything to say). But it's worth pushing for!