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Can't stop the signal

Hopefully writing here two days in a row will help in establishing more regular journalling. Life gets understandably hectic, and I don't have many regrets with how I've been spending my time, but a space to work things out in writing makes me a much happier, more together camper overall. That's the theory, anyway.

We watched Serenity last night via the wonders of HDTV—barlow_girl's first time to see it. Great flick.

The Andrewses are coming over this evening to catch up on Battlestar Galactica, our first time entertaining houseguests since our apartment became ground zero Memorial Day weekend. Last time they came over, the landlord was replacing the steps down to our door, obstructing our only entry/exit for around eight hours—which wouldn't have been as frustrating if he hadn't repeatedly claimed the job would take an hour. The work is one understandable level of frustration, but the gap between what we're told (or not told) and what actually happens is a whole other slice of cake (iced thickly by the fact that they tend not to admit there's a gap at all, either after the fact or in advance of the next project). It's cold and cloudy today, so hopefully that will afford us some peace to enjoy our company and our home.

Speaking of which, I should probably start heading homeward to help clean up a bit. It does feel good to continue resettling our place, even when we can't be sure when the next disruption is coming. The illusion of control is hard to let go, but that's probably for the best overall, too.


I started to type that Serenity is one of my favorites. Then I realized that it's Serendipity that's the name of one of my favorite movies. Never mind...

Glad to hear that there is some sence of normalcy settling into your household again. Peace of mind with our home lives is essential.
We're (slowly) learning to hold onto that sense very tentatively—God promises us so many things, but our particular idea of normalcy isn't on the list. It's humbling to see how much of my stability and gratitude (which is less than it should be anyway) is based in my own sense of how things ought to be. This experience has been a good lesson in where we should find our security, and the lesson is probably far from over.
H & I saw Serenity in the theatre, and we both really liked it. Neither of us have ever seen the TV show, though.
You should go ahead and watch the show—I don't think you'll be sorry.
Are they all reruns now?
Yes. There's less than a full season. You can watch on DVD; we also found them in HD on Universal's HD channel.
So weird that they cut it off but it was popular enough to be made into a successful movie.


I cry on your journal over Serenity no longer being in production.