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What's worse than a case of the Mondays?

The day felt bad from the beginning—tired, irritable, unfocused, the whole lot. Couldn't put my finger on just what was wrong; it was as if the whole day was under some looming darkness. The nature of the day's curse became clear when I looked across the restaurant to see…

Dan Savage.

Mondays are difficult enough as it is. Go away, Dan Savage. Go away.


I find these SO hysterical.
me too!
The entries could be a book.
maybe a booklet.
I guess that depends on the font size, eh?
what, are you canadian now?
I laughed hard.
Me three! :) Hehehehe....
I knew it even before I read the name Dan Savage. It is just so weird, it makes me laugh to no end.
You have to stop dressing so provocatively. Then he'll stop stalking you. (He's only human...)


Yes, maybe you're being too provocative and that's why he follows you around? Cause I never get to see him. Send Dan my way.
[I don't know how to use open ID. :(]


Oh, Jamie Brouwer misses Lee.