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Teen Wolf Too

The perfect (administrative) storm

Just printed 250 quarterly contribution statements to mail out. Except that they don't have a return address for the window envelopes, because it was (unbeknownst to me) wiped out of the site registration when I upgraded the database program. And I don't want to waste labels and/or letterhead envelopes on this mailing. And we don't have enough plain paper left in the office to reprint the statements. And I can't order more paper until our replacement debit card arrives, because I busted a fraudulent charge on it last week. Time to get creative…
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contribution statements for....??
…each household's charitable contributions to the church for the quarter (we do lots of our communication via email, but we still like to snail mail these each quarter).

Writing about it inspired me to find a workaround (that's how I roll), but I was still surprised by exactly how many systems failed me in rapid succession.

Here's my thought:

It's just 250, get out your Bic and get busy!
I made a Word template that put the missing parts of the address in the right place, then ran all the statements through again. Close enough for non-profit work!
Hm. Do them by hand? Or buy more paper on a personal card and get reimbursed?
I geeked out and implemented the solution above. It's good to be A) resourceful, B) a cheap bastard, C) "green", D) lazy, and E) all of the above.