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Home sweet (rental) home

Gorgeous in Seattle today—barlow_girl is weeding the courtyard and I'm out here having a beer (not exactly a fair division of labor, but she's been looking forward to trying some gardening this year). It even smells good out here. We love our place, and the rent is also great for saving up in hopes of one day owning something (though this wacky housing market may need some serious correction first). I can see a sliver of Lake Union from here, which is also none too shabby.

Still, it's hard to get off the "onward and upward" train of thought. Ever since our landlord-spurred house sale scare a couple of months ago, my brain keeps turning and turning in "what if" mode. Nothing has really changed, although ownership costs are gradually coming more into reach. Even so, what I need to keep reminding myself is that, regardless of my age and status, there's nothing more wrong with renting than there was six months ago. We have it good, and there's much less value in a property deed than there is in a good, deliberate life. Homeownership is certainly worth consideration, but that doesn't mean it should dominate or color my perspective today.
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