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Home sweet (rental) home

Gorgeous in Seattle today—barlow_girl is weeding the courtyard and I'm out here having a beer (not exactly a fair division of labor, but she's been looking forward to trying some gardening this year). It even smells good out here. We love our place, and the rent is also great for saving up in hopes of one day owning something (though this wacky housing market may need some serious correction first). I can see a sliver of Lake Union from here, which is also none too shabby.

Still, it's hard to get off the "onward and upward" train of thought. Ever since our landlord-spurred house sale scare a couple of months ago, my brain keeps turning and turning in "what if" mode. Nothing has really changed, although ownership costs are gradually coming more into reach. Even so, what I need to keep reminding myself is that, regardless of my age and status, there's nothing more wrong with renting than there was six months ago. We have it good, and there's much less value in a property deed than there is in a good, deliberate life. Homeownership is certainly worth consideration, but that doesn't mean it should dominate or color my perspective today.
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Has the option to rent from Diane fallen off the table?

I find it difficult to contemplate buying in your market... even when it IS a buyer's market! The money needed for the smallest space is just so amazingly outrageous! So I can appreciate the slow deliberation. :)
Not at all, but it's so much more space than we need, and every month we pay for more than we need puts us that much farther from ever owning anything. We'd gladly and easily pay more for a mortgage (we're both pulling in professional incomes and have no kids to support), but spending more on rent is tough because it just puts us that much more behind.

That said, her place is gorgeous and amazing. If it were for sale now or somewhere down the line, we'd be seeing what kind of cash we could move toward it—it's just harder to move that kind of cash away from owning. But we would have been complete fools not to look, and we'd still be fools to completely rule out something that great.
You have our address (we're on the northeast section of that map)!
I think I'm going to faint. You said it's a gorgeous day and mentioned your wife gardening while you sip beer implying that it's sunny out.

LEE! It's not gray, cloudy and rain and you're enjoying it!? What's happened to you?!
It was only an hour or so, and now I need a nap—so no change too radical. ;)
This pressure to purchase is ridiculous, but hard to resist, even in this market, which I am convinced has not hit bottom and may not do so for over a year. Kudos to you for resisting the social pressure!
Not really being able to afford anything in our field of view helps a lot with the resistance, as does the overwhelmingness of both pursuing and gaining homeownership.