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For some reason, I've been in coffee shop mode this week. That gets pricey to sustain, so hopefully I'll return to moderation soon.

With Easter, volunteer scheduling, and Intro class prep behind me, there's a bit more margin at work, leaving room to dig into developing our relationships with local service agencies a bit more. It's different work than my other tasks, because it's not ever really "completed" in a traditional sense. Instead, I have to try to define some benchmarks and milestone, ways to measure our standing and progress as we go along. My goal is to identify three spotlight service agencies (with whom we have active and growing relationships) and at least one more committee meeting (regardless of who attends) before our church offsite in June. It's exciting to see this area take on some definition and become more a part of the church's culture.

We've been pretty socially active over the past few weeks, too. In some ways, I think my social endurance is improving, in part because of how intentional we've been—why we're doing what we're doing definitely affects how much I'm willing to do and how energizing (or draining) it is for me. We're spending time with some of the people who are important to us, and that feels good.

It's almost our first wedding anniversary—crazy!


It *is* almost your first wedding anniversary! Exciting :D

Hey! I went to Irwin's yesterday morning while walking to work- they have some excellent blueberry muffins. I think I'll probably go back, even if their chai is milky... what are your other pastry recommendations? I can't recall...
Their muffins are divine!

My favorite is their apple scone, which they only make on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. But I've never regretted a pastry decision there, either.
I think I need to get into coffee shop mode.
My only regret is the negative effect on our bank account. The rest is pretty sweet.