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No bullshit

There, I said it (seventeen in a series)

Regarding Earth Hour: If you believe that having electricity and caring about the earth are mutually exclusive, and if you've decided that caring about the earth is the side you'd like to be on, then let's just go ahead and cut your power so we can all move on.

As for me and my house, we think false dilemmas are pretty silly ways to raise awareness or engage dialogue about complex issues. If we're committed to taking this seriously, let's act like grown ups who can really wrestle with complexity.


Are you suggesting that if the default layout of my journal is not all black, and the font I use isn't just a few shades above black, I'm causing rain forests to disappear?
Even using an online journal uses electricity, which, as Earth Hour has clearly demonstrated, is bad—there's your computer, my computer, your friends' computers, the LJ servers, and all the computers in between. If you loved the earth, you wouldn't be here.
hey, i friended you. i figured it's about time... after all i think we share a multitude of friends annnnnd jeney keeps linking me to your posts. i hope you don't mind!
Hooray! Welcome aboard!
oh YAY!