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Input wanted: online bookmarking?

Sometimes I fixate on finding an elegant solution to a problem that's not really that big of a deal. It's nonsensical and annoying, but also hard to shake once that problem's gotten under my skin.

Today (and for the past couple of weeks at least) the problem is bookmarking. As I find more online content of interest (RSS feeds are major new source for me over the last year), none of the bookmarking solutions I've been using are quite scratching the itch. I'd prefer a web-based option to something on my machine, in order to have access at work and on my mobile. Google Bookmarks seem woefully stunted, del.icio.us feels kludgy, and Diigo's interface strikes me as confusing and bloated.

Anyone have an online bookmarking solution you're up for sharing? I know it's a pretty silly "problem," and the elegant solution I'm searching for may not exist, but I do want to try to close this loop before it drives me batty. Even good experiences with the things I've discounted above are welcome. Thanks!


I bought Librarian Pro a few months ago—it's OK, but not great. It's funny, because in each of these cases, I feel like I'm looking for an answer that's A) simpler than anything I've been able to find, and 2) has an integrated feature set that almost anyone would want to use (rather than a piece of bloatware with so many nooks and crannies that it's overwhelming). So part of my frustration stems from the feeling that what I'm looking for must be out there and I just haven't found it.
I think those feelings are what lead some people to become software developers.