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Not on strike

Never Forget. LJ-ers to boycott journaling tomorrow in protest over free accounts being booted and depressed bisexual faerie fanfic being suppressed. But where will we host our strike blogs?

Josh, Seattle Metblogs

Today is my first chance to sit down and write for a while, but doing so would violate the latest bout of righteous indignation by entitled LiveJournal users. Whatever shall I do?

Oh, that's right, I can just ignore it. That was easy.

Easter week is always a bit of a race at work, so it's good to have Maundy Thursday in the rearview and feel relatively locked and loaded for the rest. One of the odd bits of working in ministry is the way in which event logistics can sometimes overshadow the deeper purposes and meanings behind those events. It's a very different thing to plan and execute a worship service than to worship. Sometimes I do well with the (seeming) dichotomy; other times something gets lost in the shuffle. Feeling a bit of the latter this time around (indeed, for the duration of Lent as well), but I also don't want to use my duties as a scapegoat for the ways in which I'm simply not being present with God.


There was a strike? Oh, crap. We'll never get into the union now!



Anyway, my stepfather often laments that every Monday, he tried to remind himself of Kierkegaard's words, that in Christian worship God is the audience, the congregation the performer, and the minister, choir, and other leaders are merely prompters. But then, by Friday, he's forgotten and is back to worrying about logistics.

It's tough.

But I have all faith you and the others will do a fine job in leading others to wonderful Easter experience.

Best of luck!

Edited at 2008-03-21 03:37 pm (UTC)
Thankfully, the spirit of Kierkegaard's words is true whether I'm remembering them or not—it's just better to remember. That's the way it is with all truth, I suppose.
I fear I am not an enlightened lj-user.
What a shame I know nothing about the ban or indignation you speak of.

Edited at 2008-03-21 04:31 pm (UTC)
If this is enlightenment, I'd far rather be unenlightened!
Seriously, aren't there better things about which to be righteously indignant? Insanity.


I totally get you on the logistics thing. It's really difficult for me to extricate myself from the planning/follow-through/please-let-it-go-right stages of worship services. That's why I was SO incredibly happy to see that Jeff and I were off for Easter Sunday this year. The first time in 7 years!!!! When Kent called to see if we'd still join, I politely said, "Absolutely not". :D
How I spend my attention in that mode is very limited, so sometimes it's hard to serve and be mindfully worshipping at the same time. But I also think it's an easy way for me to "check out," so I don't want to dump the responsibility for my disconnectedness only on my duties (which I'm tempted to do). Some of it is simply that I'm often a terrible listener to God.
Oh, yeah... I get that, too. :D

But it's hard for me to reach that point (where I'm just not listening because I refuse to listen), because my perfectionism is always running before me. :D
Have a blessed Easter weekend, B.

Thanks! This is a good start.


Good Luck brother scapegoat

Jesus loves remember that above all else and you will quickly forget how tough it is to journal daily and work through your planning.

And if your worried about feeling like a scapegoat... just remember you could be hooked up to an array of cray computers and continually tested in an experimental program to manipulate your hypothosis protocals.

oh ya... and don't forget about the oil, the fact that Jesus says turn the other cheek and the part about loving the whore at the well...

I think her name was Mary Magdalene.

Re: Good Luck brother scapegoat

I'm more worried about making things into scapegoats than about being one (one of the benefits of knowing Someone has already paid the price for me). I have it pretty good, so I don't want to mask my shortcomings behind my circumstances. That can be a tough wall to break through.

Random Question...

Have you read "The Shack" yet? www.theshackbook.com

You (along with several others) came to mind while I was reading, and so I thought I might recommend it to you. :-D