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Not on strike

Never Forget. LJ-ers to boycott journaling tomorrow in protest over free accounts being booted and depressed bisexual faerie fanfic being suppressed. But where will we host our strike blogs?

Josh, Seattle Metblogs

Today is my first chance to sit down and write for a while, but doing so would violate the latest bout of righteous indignation by entitled LiveJournal users. Whatever shall I do?

Oh, that's right, I can just ignore it. That was easy.

Easter week is always a bit of a race at work, so it's good to have Maundy Thursday in the rearview and feel relatively locked and loaded for the rest. One of the odd bits of working in ministry is the way in which event logistics can sometimes overshadow the deeper purposes and meanings behind those events. It's a very different thing to plan and execute a worship service than to worship. Sometimes I do well with the (seeming) dichotomy; other times something gets lost in the shuffle. Feeling a bit of the latter this time around (indeed, for the duration of Lent as well), but I also don't want to use my duties as a scapegoat for the ways in which I'm simply not being present with God.
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