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Ex-customer service

Because I'm a ruthless editor/cost-cutter when it comes to office expenses (I've been affectionately referred to as a "cheap bastard," which was intended and taken as a compliment), we got rid of our Crystal Springs water cooler a few weeks ago. There's not a blessed thing wrong with the water from our tap, so it was a logical and painless decision.

This afternoon, our delivery driver from a couple years ago pops his head in the door to make sure nothing had been wrong with the service that caused us to cancel. Color me impressed (but still not paying for water).


you are so mean.
I know! It's just crazy that I'm no longer interested in paying to have a giant water bottle with a power-sucking cooler right next to the sink (with a tap that readily generates cool water).

(Honestly, I was very impressed. He didn't try to sell anything at all; he just dropped in. That was one of the coolest non-Apple customer service things I've ever seen.)
Someone hire that guy. He'll go far.

just visiting...

So, I totally didn't give you any fore-warning, but I am sitting in the airport in seattle right now waiting for
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So, I totally didn't give you any fore-warning, but I am sitting in the airport in seattle right now waiting for <lj-user=fe> to arrive, and then we're heading to the ramada tonight...

...All that to say, would you (and/or your lovely wife) have any time in the next few days to meet up for coffee or something? For old times sake...

Sorry for the short notice. I suck!

Re: just visiting...

Wow! I just got this; haven't had much personal internet time of late. How long are y'all here? And which Ramada? Not sure if we can hook anything up, but we can see (and it's fun to be asked regardless)!

Re: just visiting...

we're in seattle until thursday or friday, then driving down to portland. Sorry I didn't give you a warning sooner - things have been crazy up until I left!

anyhow, ramada in seatac, near the airport. we have a car...

Re: just visiting...

Gah, I don't think we can make it work (barlow_girl didn't get home from work until 9ish last night). We're bummed! We apparently have a high dose of the crazy in our lives, too…

Re: just visiting...

Hey, it's cool. I'll have to plan ahead better next time. We're still around today if something magically works out - going down to Tacoma for awhile this afternoon. So... yeah.

Don't forget to let me know if you guys come thru Chicago!!!!

Re: just visiting...

oh, you can txt or call me on my cell 815.505.2809


Whoa! Today at work we had a discussion about replacing the water cooler, wherein I was called "cheap." Great minds!
Great minds take the same bus!