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It's been a while. In the interim, I've turned a year older and did some massive cleaning, organizing, and restructuring at the office. Much of the latter has been needed since I began at Grace, but we've simply had too much crisis and stability to take the time necessary for such a Herculean task. The pastoral staff were away at a conference this week, however, so it was the perfect opportunity to dig in for an entire week.

Also got a new (refurbished) iMac at the office to replace both my aging, long-suffering iMac workhorse of four years ago and the much older loaner Dell laptop whose screen developed a dimming problem requiring an external monitor to work around. The PC is a necessary evil because of our church's integrated database and financial software, which only runs on Windows. But now that Macs are on Intel chipsets, I'm now on a single computer—one!—for the first time since 2002 through the wonders of Parallels. It's a huge boon that makes my workflow blaze and sing, not to mention clearing a ton of clutter. Glad it was my turn in the hardware rotation, and while I'd have loved to wait longer, it was time, and I plan to make the most of it.

Biggest bummer of the week was skipping out on hearing Dan Ariely speak at Town Hall. I've only recently become aware of his work, and Predictably Irrational is now on its way to me courtesy heartflyte's birthday gift certificate to Amazon.com. Was running too hard this week to effectively shift gears into a more academic mindset (my modes were simply "on" and "off" for the duration of the office project), so I don't think I'd realistically have chosen differently; it's just a bummer to have missed out.

(I thorougly enjoyed Ariely's assessment of the Obama phenomenon, by the way.)
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Watched Bill Maher last night and thought of you. He had on a fellow called, I think, Dan Savage. It was the most ignorant hour in TV history, probably.
Oh, Dan Savage. I have a whole tag to entries dedicated to (getting away from) him.

Go away, Dan Savage. Go away
He's a lot dumber than you'd suggested.
Hard to believe, though one mustn't underestimate Maher's proficiency as a dumb catalyst.

I used to enjoy Maher. Now I find him whiny and mean. A little cynicism goes a long way; a lot of it goes to a very dark place that can't even be alleviated by prescription drugs.
Mostly, political humor is where ignorance meets arrogance. It's at its worst when the comedians are too angry.