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Give me that old time religion

Fine authors like Spurgeon and Chambers seem to have ruined me for most contemporary devotionals. No regrets at all; my friend Annette has largely sworn off anything written in the last century—I'm not there yet, but there's plenty of reinforcement for her position. My snobbery would be more justifiable were I at all disciplined in my reading. Nonetheless, I'm not seeing much of a future for the lenten devotional shared by my church (an at-best questionable use of the word "impudence" in an equally questionable interpretation may be the last straw for me).

A little under the weather and a little under the gun (at work), though neither are major. Dealt with most of the latter yesterday, using a computer setup cobbled together with a ginormous old CRT monitor to circumvent the failing screen of the PC laptop we use for our database and financials. It's not pretty, but it works and bills get paid. My scratchy throat threatens to hold on a bit longer, so I'll just keep going until it gets better or debilitating (it's not bad enough to even be classified as "sore" yet).

And that's probably as much time as I have to write. Something about how I'm using my time (or how I'm dealing with distraction and interruption) needs to change. I have no idea how people with kids get anything done, ever.
Tags: chambers, discipline, life, spurgeon, work

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