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With multiple deadlines crashing in this past week (1099s, W-2s, 941, L & I report, Nonprofit Corporation annual report, annual contribution statements, etc.), everything has felt like a race I'm finishing in the nick of time. The apartment hunt/move preparation adds another level. Thankfully, we seem to be well taken care of in all of these arenas; the pace is just a bit much.

Way behind where I want to be on practically everything, but I'm trying not to let that be a discouragement. Objectively, little to nothing is broken, so there's not much sense in letting that get me mopey and/or grumpy. Maybe it's just time to lower the bar a bit—going into overdrive last weekend and carrying that somewhat through the week probably set my expectations of what I can do to unrealistic levels.

All that said, the urge to plow through a bunch of stuff is still very strong. We'll see what happens.
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