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Snow, snow, go away (at least when I have stuff to do)…

Snow makes people nuts here (and then everyone complains about it as if they're making an original observation, as evidenced here). Made it to the office around 11:00 after leaving my place at 9:30. Really didn't want to flush the day like that, and not sure I can afford the time, but not much one can do. Hopefully our upcoming move can make some of this stuff go away.


For the first time ever, I saw an example of mind-bendingly stupid driving today... and I know, it's pretty amazing that I've gotten to this age without noting it before, but this guy really had no excuses. Expedition: spinning and weaving up my little road like it was a sheet of ice. And for the record, you can't just lay on the gas and expect to get anywhere when the road is slick. Interestingly enough, I made it up the same road in my 2-wheel drive, 3 cylinder Suburu without any troubles whatsoever. Why? Because it was just SLUSH.

So. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to complain without making an actual post :D
I live to serve.



You're moving?? Any dibs on your apartment? :)


Re: guh-wha?

Um, that was supposed to have this on the end:


Re: guh-wha?

We have little desire to move, but our landlords are selling the house so we all have to vacate. So if you can buy it, can we still live in the basement? Otherwise we're all out of luck…