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"So strong, you can even skip a day!"

Classic Capitol Hill moment: the woman behind me in line at Victrola had stalks of celery sticking up from the outer pocket of her backpack. When she got on her bike to leave, she shoved her to-go paper coffee cup into one of the water bottle holders on the frame.

I miss reading dondlion's journal.

Work is strange. Tommy is burnt out and taking a week off next week to recoup. I wish I could be a better friend to him; he seems so alone. The office was buzzing with people and activity yesterday, as if we were a church three times our size. It was actually kind of cool. Brian, an RA from my old job, stopped by for advice; I felt honored.

Staff Meeting was a hoot yet again last night. Six of us-- I count myself so blessed to have such unique relationships with my former students and employees. A very Dead Poets' Society/Good Will Hunting/other Robin-Williams-as-mentor movie kind of vibe.

Damn. I'm feeling annoyable this morning. People talk too much, especially in tones of righteous indignation (I'm convinced this is an overused crutch to feel important and intelligent-- it's tired and so am I). I should have gotten here earlier this morning.
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