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Fighting it all

Current events I'm trying not to be too bummed about:
  • barlow_girl is in Atlanta for work until Tuesday. Couples deal with separate travel and schedules all the time, and it's really not a huge deal (it weirds me out when people are incapacitated when their spouse is away), but it's still the first time we've been apart for this long and I miss her.
  • Got notice from our landlords that they're selling the house, so we have to move. They cried wolf on this once before, which means it's probably for keeps this time. We have plenty of time (1 April, with a $500 bonus if we're gone by 1 March), but I still A) hate it a lot (both leaving our place and moving in general), and 2) am obsessive about finding a new place ASAP rather than having it hang over our heads.
  • While waiting for the bus back from an apartment viewing yesterday, got a call from my doctor's nurse saying they had results back from Monday's upper endoscopy that may (only "may") show signs of celiac disease. Should receive a letter from the doctor soon, and they may suggest I see a nutritionist to set up a gluten-free diet, but I have no interest in doing so (as evidenced by the delicious apple scone next to me). The gluten-free thing is obnoxious, not only in what I'd need to eliminate, but also in the social ramifications—it affects what I could eat with others, and if I explained why, it'd just get worse, as I'd invariably be subjected to others' stories about the wonderful gluten-free recipes they've tried, etc. Ugh. The last part is by far the worst—I haven't see anything on the list of possible consequences of the (only) possible disease that outstrip a life of eating crap and having my interactions with people perpetually peppered with enduring evangelism about gluten alternatives. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.
So I'm keeping occupied with scouring Craigslist for apartment possibilities, watching stuff on TiVo that Amy would have no interest in (there's plenty), and working on projects around home that would be cumbersome if we were both tripping over them (though I did eliminate everything on my list that was based on our continued residency in our place, so at least the notification saved some work, too). As I consider our move, there's lots of stuff I haven't minded keeping but doubt I'd want to move (books, CDs, and so on), so I'm hoping to develop a good ongoing purging plan.

And now a horrible song just came on at Irwin's. This is just not my weekend, but I'm still going to make the best of it.

Good news bits of the week include a great initial implementation of Wesabe to track our finances, significant progress with the church website infrastructure (including a new host and Kendall signing on as webmaster), and reducing all of my email inboxes to zero.

And another song. Really not my weekend. But I'd rather fight it than let it roll over me, and that's a good thing to remember.
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