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Seattle fog

Oops, I did it again

Wish I weren't somewhere between a spaz and a screwup on my days off; I could conceivably get a lot done, even if rest was the thing I was "getting done." No more tears for you, spilt milk.

Forgot to actually put the outgoing mail in the mailbox yesterday, so I'm on a detour to the U District to fix it. It's a good break from staying holed up at home all day, but still a bit of a pain in the tuchis. Glad to be mostly well, though.
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The word spaz is a word I would never associate with you, but the way you wrote it up in this totally made me laugh.

And then you said TUCHIS!

Ja ja ja!!!
I was hoping it would amuse you based on your old/current job!
I didn't hear it nearly as often as I would have liked to.

But I do cringe now every time I hear "yada yada yada" now that I know what it really means. The other day on TV a little kid said "Yada yada yada" and it made my eyes get big.

People should know their yiddish phraseology.

Edited at 2008-01-19 02:27 am (UTC)
Nor would I ever associate a Britney quote with you.

Is tuchis the same as dupa? I will add that to my glossary.

*mental sorbet*
Since my mailbox is a quarter of a mile from my house, I'm the WORLD'S worst at remembering to put in or take out. :/

We will begin our Holocaust unit next week, and I always include some common Yiddish words/phrases along the way. Tuchis (that word can be spelled forty ways to Sunday!) is one of them. :D
It took me a while to track down (what I believe to be) the proper spelling on that!