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Ringing in the new

Per usual, I'm trying to read through the Bible again this year. Not that there's anything magical or required about reading it within a year; I just tend not to have the discipline to read anything without some sort of structure for what I'm "supposed" to be reading, and this plan works as well as any for me. Of course, I only even remembered that I wanted to do this late last night, so I'm already catching up, but this is pretty standard for me, so no sense pretending my new leaf looks all that different from my old one.

Hopefully I'll write here more often in 2008, too. It's just helpful to me to keep my mind from getting too clogged up.

Spent New Year's Eve with Brian & Carolyn, enjoying dinner and conversation with good company. We hope to spend more time with them this year. Yesterday we stayed in all day, which was a heavenly break. Some long, lazy days beg for movie watching, and our choices were My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Last Starfighter (one of my Christmas gifts from barlow_girl). We also finished up Please Vote for Me, which has now claimed a place as one of the favorite films we've ever seen. Democracy and human nature are fascinating.


"She won't answer the helm! We're locked into the moon's gravitational pull. What do we do?"


"We die."

I was trying to explain to barlow_girl last night how absolutely pimp it was to land your ginormous Gunstar next to your old trailer park, come slowly down the equally-ginormous elevator, walk up to your girlfriend, take off your space helmet, and simply say, "Hi, Mags." I'm not sure I was able to get the point across, though.