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Logic, perspective, and the practice of gratitude

Irwin's' wireless internet is spotty again—I remember this from last week and it's a tad annoying. When I take a moment to remember how amazing it is that I have an internet to access at all, however (not to mention that it's wireless!), my spoiled sensibilities are tempered a bit. Then when I remember it's also free, it's all the harder to maintain my inflated sense of entitlement.

Just a couple of steps in thought—if only all of my craziness could be so easily eliminated! Still, it's a good practice for "woe is me" frustration. Maybe someone should teach seminars on this (though I suspect entitlement, righteous indignation, and self-pity are far too comfortable masters to be easily relinquished by most of us). It's handy.

Edit (9:54): And of course, as soon as I get sidetracked enough to write this entry rather than something else this morning, the internet connection becomes rock solid (after more than an hour of flakiness)…


Are you working on your laptop or iPhone? And how is life with an iPhone??
Laptop; the iPhone wouldn't be ideal for LJ posting. I've enjoyed having one, and though I still miss a few things from my old Sidekick, it's a pretty sweet deal.
I'm surprised. What functionality did you lose besides the keyboard?
That's the main thing. The pros far outweigh the cons, but the lack of a tactile keyboard is big. There'd be no way to have the slim form factor otherwise, though, so it's a good trade.
I have yet to see or play with an iPhone, but H's dad got an iPod touch for Christmas which I set up for him, and that thing is so freaking slick. I loved it. So I can only imagine how much cooler the iPhone is.
Aggh. I hate having to fight my own entitlement, righteous indignation and self-pity. It's really effing hard, and they don't tell you that in Sunday School :P Bah!
Yeah, I struggle with it too, and even that struggle is often prey to those same forces within my flesh coloring my perspective. It's not like I'm losing any blood in the fight, after all—I rarely even lose any sleep over it! Not that I think it's fair or wise to evaluate all suffering on a scale, since such things often elude quantification and the visible doesn't always outweigh the invisible (in positive or negative directions). But sometimes I just need to get a grip on reality when my search for authentic living has degraded into self-centered wallowing that stubbornly refuses to acknowledge truth outside my experience.

Not that that's ever happened to me. ;)
I needed this. We recently let a friend move in and share our home. She is not a believer, yet I find myself expecting the same attitudes from her. I have found my own ungrateful, self-absorbed traits being reflected. This is something I need to work on. Funny how just when you think you have things in order, He tugs at another loose string.