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Logic, perspective, and the practice of gratitude

Irwin's' wireless internet is spotty again—I remember this from last week and it's a tad annoying. When I take a moment to remember how amazing it is that I have an internet to access at all, however (not to mention that it's wireless!), my spoiled sensibilities are tempered a bit. Then when I remember it's also free, it's all the harder to maintain my inflated sense of entitlement.

Just a couple of steps in thought—if only all of my craziness could be so easily eliminated! Still, it's a good practice for "woe is me" frustration. Maybe someone should teach seminars on this (though I suspect entitlement, righteous indignation, and self-pity are far too comfortable masters to be easily relinquished by most of us). It's handy.

Edit (9:54): And of course, as soon as I get sidetracked enough to write this entry rather than something else this morning, the internet connection becomes rock solid (after more than an hour of flakiness)…
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